Passive House Affordable Design Workshop

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Aaron Gunderson

16 Nov 2019



This recorded session from Tim McDonald and David Salamon provides cost-effective strategies and a practical guide for affordable multi-family Passive House projects based on their experience leading the way on these types of buildings in Pennsylvania. 

Tim and David are energy efficiency building experts with 20 years of designing multi-family high-performance buildings and, more recently, five years of working on multi-family affordable Passive House projects. They created this workshop to provide design, development, and building professionals with a step-by-step guide to cost-effective strategies for approaching affordable multi-family Passive House buildings.

In this course, they provide a manual, delivered in the form of a “decision tree” with pros and cons associated with the two or three most cost-effective and energy efficient strategies for managing all aspects of designing a multi-family Passive House building, including metering, monitoring, heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water, site-built and prefabricated envelopes, foundations, and airtightness. An Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) provides a strategic backbone to the manual and is demonstrated through several case study projects.

Presenters: Tim McDonald, Onion Flats; David Salamon, Re:Vision Architecture

Recorded in Boston, Fall 2019

Passive House Affordable Design Workshop
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