Single-Family Passive Houses with the PHIUS Prescriptive Path & Mass Save Incentives

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Aaron Gunderson

11 Apr 2022



The Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS) has introduced a new version of their standard with the goal of making it easier and more affordable for single-family residential homes to achieve Passive House certification. In this workshop, you will learn about this new Prescriptive Path and how it can simply the design and certification process for single-family homes and make certification available for a wider range of project teams, project sizes and project budgets.

Additionally, Mass Save has introduced new financial incentives for 1-4 unit homes that achieve significant energy use reductions and make strides towards going all-electric. Together, these new programs will further fuel the growth of Passive House projects in the region and help new contractors, developers, and owners get involved. 

This workshop will cover background context on the Passive House standard and origin of the Prescriptive Path checklist and then provide step by step instructions and case studies on how it's used in action. Audience questions and discussion included. 

Intended for architects, developers, PH consultants, raters, and contractors of residential projects. 

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