Passive House Advanced Construction Workshop Series

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Aaron Gunderson

22 Dec 2020



This innovative virtual "hands-on" training series features presentations and discussion on all aspects of constructing high-performing Passive House buildings. Geared towards general contractors, carpenters, project managers, air sealing and insulation trades, HVAC and plumbing trades, window installers, and quality control specialists - as well as all members of a project team. 

Taught by experts from Steven Winter Associates with guidance from Passive House Massachusetts and Mass Save. You may attend all sessions or just the ones that apply to you. 

Schedule: (9am to 12pm EST each day)

Workshop 1: Intro to PH and Building Envelope
Date: 11/20/2020

Workshop 2: Carpentry, Window Installers, Air Barrier, and Insulation Trades
Date: 12/04/2020

Workshop 3: HVAC and Plumbing Trades
Date: 12/11/2020

Workshop 4: QA/QC Techniques for Ensuring Success
Date: 12/18/2020

Continuing education credits available for PHIUS, AIA, and CSL.
*CSL credits provided by partner group Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston 


  • Brief review of high-performance design basics
  • Review typical construction types along with sample details and photos
  • Focus on wood framed projects and common problems areas
  • Look at new and innovative Passive House components
  • Application of air barrier materials at rough openings and field of wall
  • Installation of windows and different air sealing strategies
  • Approach to sealing penetrations through the building envelope
  • Performance testing, results, and strategies to improve assembly performance
  • Learn how to accurately execute MEP systems as designed
  • Discuss HVAC – ventilation, space conditioning, ductwork air sealing
  • Examine Plumbing – DHW, piping layout, pipe insulation, hydronic systems
  • Discuss Electric – Lighting and controls, pumps, elevators
  • Define construction quality
  • Discuss best practices for ensuring project success
  • Review quality documentation requirements & quality control and quality assurance mechanisms
  • Identify quality issues, how to correct and document corrections
  • Understand building envelope testing considerations

Workshop Session Recordings
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